Week 1- Bloomin’ Friday: May 1, 2015

Week 1-Bloomin’ Friday: May 1, 2015

Weather Forecast for Week:  HI          LO          Conditions

Saturday 4/25:                       81                    55                    Mostly Cloudy
Sunday 4/26 :                        59                    45                    Cloudy
Monday  4/27:                       65                    36                    Fair
Tuesday  4/28:                       66                    40                    Sunny
Wednesday 4/29:                  70                    40                    Partly Cloudy
Thursday 4/30:                     62                    44                    Mostly Cloudy
Friday 05/01:                         63                    36                    Mostly Cloudy

Daily GrowingDays Work/Chores
Saturday 4/25:
Spent the day out in the yard, garden, and patch picking up sticks and other winter junk.
Sunday 4/26:

Monday  4/27: Picked up Earliglow Strawberry Rootstock from McCreary Co. Extension Office

Tuesday  4/28:

Wednesday 4/29:

Thursday 4/30:

Friday 05/01:
Ezra came over and plowed the Big Garden spot and the Strawberry & Bean Patch

– Came up with Mission Statement and started working on Business Model and Plan for a new produce market

– Came up with name- GrowingDays2015

– Drew out small Grid Map of How I Want to Plant the Garden and Patch

– Went through freezer-storage; INVENTORY: Squash, Cantaloupe, and Lettuce Seed

Week 1- Bloomin’ Friday: May 1, 2015

Bloomin’ Fridays Weekly Updates:


I am documenting my garden growth week by week, month by month with projects, plans, and observations. Each month May through September. I include: Weather Forecast, Plant Diary Notes, I update Project Logs weekly, Activities & Garden Chores Performed, Step Into Our Garden Photo & Video Gallery, Our Inspiration for the Week, Wildlife Observed, Plant Life Cycle Stages & Growth Process; Disease, Wildlife, Insect, & Weather Damage, Sun & Shade Log, Soil Amedments & Fertilizer, Business Task, This Weeks Education & Lessons Learned, Produce & Plant Sense Log: Sight, Smell, Taste, & Feel, Harvest Dates & Volume, Produce Stand Results, & Last Production Date, FIRST Big Frost of the Winter.

Check back for new updates, Hope you Enjoy!

Bloomin’ Fridays Weekly Updates: